Shower Thoughts

You may or may not have giggled at the title of this post (I do every time I look at it).  Let’s be honest for a moment, shower thoughts are the clearest thoughts.  This may also happen to be the place where are all of your creative juices just shower you (pun intended).  Well, it happens to be that place for me.  So for a little while now, I would say a few months, I have been praying about what it is that I’m supposed to do in life.  To be more exact, what GOD wants me to do with the life He has given me.  For all you theologians out there, my shorter catechism answer is “I was made to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”.  Yeah, I know a thing or two about the catechism, but that is neither here nor there.  What I mean is beyond that – what was I created for? 

Growing up I would say I knew it was to be a mom, and some days I totally and completely believe that; however, three years after my (insert every mushy adjective here) husband and I decided to “leave it in God’s hands” and no children later, has me questioning that and I do not want the waiting period to go by null and void.  I want to serve my Abba Father, fully and whole heartedly.  So, last night’s shower thoughts led me to ask myself a few questions… “What am I passionate about?  What has Holy Spirit been leading me to do that I haven’t done?  (Okay, raise your hand if you’re perfect…. yeah, I don’t always listen to Holy Spirit either.)  What do I need in this season of my life?”  and I answered myself, (Oh, don’t deny it, you answer yourself in conversations with yourself too. Neither one of us are crazy.)  I’m passionate about having a passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ.  Holy Spirit has been leading me to share more of myself, more specifically what God has done in my life, where He is leading me, and the platform of suffering that has built my strength and my faith so that I may be able to share with others the crown of beauty God has given to me, instead of ashes (Isaiah 61:3).  In this season of life (another share for another time) I need brothers and sisters, I need encouragement, and motivation to stay the path The Lord has me on.  I need accountability.  Above all, I desperately need my Savior. 

Now, I ask you these same questions, what are you passionate about?  What is Holy Spirit leading you to do that you have YET to do?  What do you need in your current season of life (besides pumpkin everything because, y’all, fall is coming!)?  Seriously, take a shower, stop your fighting, and be still in God’s presence.  Psalm 46:10 in the NIV says: “He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  and the HCSB translates it in a way that I love so much because this is SO me and I know it’s many of you: “Stop your fighting – and know that I am God, exalted among the nations, exalted on the earth.”.  Why do we try to fight the Creator of the Earth? Cannot our fleeting minds AT LEAST remember Jeremiah 29:11 (HCSB), “For I know the plans I have for you” – this is the Lord’s declaration – “plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” – Let’s go back a few words …” NOT FOR DISASTER”, I’m capitalizing these words because they are vital.  My Father in Heaven did not send His only, perfect Son to die on a cross for my sins and yours (not one, not a couple, ALL of them) to plan a future that involves disaster.  Now, I know some of you are thinking that disaster has hit your life, up close, and personal but hear me, we have not a clue what true disaster is.  Just like time, God’s definition is not our definition.  We think we know but we don’t and His word promises that we won’t.  Believe with me today this truth, this promise from the One who plans to give you a future and has given us hope, Jesus Christ.

These shower thoughts are so vivid and I cannot just let them be carried off down the drain (hence, the birth of the blog).  Don’t let yours get lost either.

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